Quality imagery that reflects your business is an investment in your brand, image and marketing message. Professional executive portraits help project your company's message in the market.

If properly planned in advance, the photographs generated in a single photo session can be used for website portraits, annual reports, magazine articles, company overviews, corporate presentations, and more.

As you prepare for your executive team's photo shoot, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. Think about the image you want to project. Are you traditional and formal, get down to business, or fun and hip?
    • Nothing says traditional like a well-tailored business suit in mid-to-deep tones. Make sure it's well pressed, and accessorize with a muted tie, scarf or understated jewelry.
    • Getting straight to business? Roll up the sleeves on a shirt and you're ready to go.
    • Fun and hip? Jeans, light colored shirts (not white) and longer sleeves work great. Make sure, though, that your casual style talks to your audience. Be particularly careful with T-shirts with slogans or terms that might offend or date the image.
    • Bring several wardrobe choices for each person.
  2. If you're photographing the entire executive team, coordinate to ensure that everyone is in complimentary outfits.
  3. Do you need a haircut? Shave? Spend a bit of time preparing yourself to be photographed. Will there be a stylist as part of the photo team? If there's a stylist or make-up artist on location, don't bother putting on make-up in advance.
  4. Studio background or location? A plain background is great for small images, particularly website portraits which tend to be quite small. The less detail in the background, the better. However, what about shots in front of your company sign? Or engaging with your products or customers? Again, it's all a matter of what you want to say. Often, it's better to get several options, then when that magazine cover opportunity arises, you can provide a selection of image choices that are appropriate.
  5. Give yourself enough time to get relaxed and for the photographer to work through the session and get the best images. If you're on a fixed schedule, make sure that's discussed in advance.

Bonus tip #6: Enjoy! Not everyone is thrilled to be in the spotlight, but in this case, you are one of your company's most valued assets and must be portrayed as such. Don't hesitate to coordinate with the photographer to make you as comfortable as possible during the photo session. Bringing your own music is often a great way to get relaxed and comfortable.

Contact maginei to schedule your executive portrait sessions, and give your business a whole new look!

Are you organizing a company party, annual event or family reunion this holiday? Here are 9 steps to guide you through the event preparation so that you can focus on the celebration. And remember to start planning early... Determine your budget and stick to it. Your budget will guide many of your later decisions. Choose your event theme. Choose your date, time and location. Book now. Finalize the guest list. Mail invitations as early as possible. Your invitation design is a great way to promote and support your theme. Book your photographer to capture the moments (we hear maginei is pretty darn good at this...). Arrange catering; remember your theme. Coordinate location decor. Relax and enjoy the event. Well done! Contact maginei to schedule the photography for your next event.
Please contact maginei to discuss your assignment needs. We have several skilled photographers who we have worked with extensively, and are happy to coordinate bringing a second photographer to the assignment, for additional fee.
Please contact maginei to discuss your assignment needs. We have several skilled assistants who we have worked with extensively, and are happy to coordinate bringing an assistant, food or wardrobe stylist, or other professional to the assignment, for additional fee.
We do not provide video services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the complexity of the assignment and the number of images, it may be several days up to several weeks. We will provide you with a concrete timeline based on the unique aspects of your session written into the contract.
maginei retains copyright of all images. Depending on your contract, you will have different levels of license, which are reflected in the price that you pay for your assignment.
No. You will receive final images in .tif or .jpg format, depending on the contract agreement.